Culture guide in sparsely populated areas 
Final European conference 
8-9 June Budapest


The SPAR project


During the last years, we have seen more political and public interest in reviving the rural and sparsely populated areas and tocounter the current migration from rural to urban areas.
One of the ways to counter this trend is to provide more available and inclusion-driven arts and cultural activities with added communityvalues. To secure cultural sustainability in these areas, we need to strengthen the “citizen helps citizen” or “peer to peer approach”,where civil society associations from the cross-cultural sector of amateur arts, voluntary culture, and heritage are engaged.

The overall aim is to improve the competences of the voluntary associations and their volunteers to provide enlivening arts andculture opportunities in the sparsely populated communities with anadded value for civic and democratic participation, communitybonding and local identity.
The objectives are
  1. To develop innovative ways of outreach to citizens engaged in arts and culture to become resourceful culture volunteers.
  2. To develop high quality courses tailored to these groups on how to organise cultural activities with an added community value.
  3. To develop the competences and skills of the voluntary associations to support volunteering and cooperation with stakeholders.
  4. To develop appropriate methods to assess the involved knowledge, skills and attitudes to fulfil such demanding voluntary work.


The aim and objectives of the conference

The aim is to valorise the key outcome of the project to main European target groups,especially to other countries than the countries of the project partners and to trans-European associations, thereby reaching out to European audiences hitherto not addressed.
The partnership circle consists of six organisations from five EU member states working in the area of participatory arts, voluntary culture, liberal adult education and civil society development.


For further information on the project please visit:
The partners are: 
Voluntary Arts network (UK) – see
National Association of Cultural Councils (DK) – see
Interfolk, Institute for Civil Society (DK) – see
Hungarian Folk High School Society (HU) – see
Foundation of Alternative Educational Initiatives (PL) – see
Municipality of Lousada, Division of communication, heritage, culture, education and sport (PT) – see


  Conference venue: Hotel Benczúr, Budapest, Benczúrutca 35.